Sexual Addiction is exhibited in many areas of your life. That would include

  • Preferring to having SEX BY YOURSELF by masturbating rather than having healthy sex with your partner
  • Preferring PROSTITUTION to avoid emotional involvement with your partner
  • Preferring ACTUAL AFFAIRS OR ONLINE AFAIRS as sexting and texting over your partner
  • Inability to FINISH YOUR EDUCATION by spending the day or night watching porn instead of attending class
  • JOB LOSS by spending the day and/or staying up all night watching porn resulting in underperforming at work.
  • JAIL for soliciting prostitutes
  • Using DRUGS OR ALCOHOL as part of your ‘ritual’ for enhancing your sex addiction


Those that have lived through fidelity are justified to feel angry, suspicious, hurt, and confused. This PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Partners of sex addicts who stay in the relationship find that it takes a long time before they can resume feeling genuine trust and safety. Healing is possible if the sex addict in the relationships committed to recovery. Partners often feel:

  • They have NO SEXUAL VALUE since their partner rejects them or is unable to sexually perform or loss of self esteem
  • Their FUTURE IS IN DOUBT or feel there is no future
  • Confusion about having to decide TO STAY OR TO LEAVE the relationship
  • Concerns for their CHILDREN BEING AFFECTED by their partner’s behavior
  • Unable to focus on their JOB AND OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES by being preoccupied with their partner’s betrayal
  • Tired by SLEEPING too much or too little
  • Weak by EATING too much or too little
  • Very ALONE


Couples therapy is a highly effective and beneficial outlet for couples who need to figure out how to heal and recover from an affair or infidelity. Couples therapy allows for a safe place for both individuals to communicate their needs and express their concerns. It can also help assist in couples making major decisions about the future of their relationship.

Group Therapy

“We are wounded in relationship and we heal through relationship.”
“If you have decided that you need help for sex or porn addiction, then group therapy needs to be part of your recovery plan,”

A professionally guided therapy group for sex addiction helps you get the support and knowledge you need. A trained therapist guides the group in a positive direction that promotes change for all who attend and will know how to guide the group members to support each other in the process of recovery.

Having the group led by a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) is an added bonus, as they are trained in the area of sexual addiction and understand the nuances of treatment and recovery.

Here are three powerful reasons why groups provide the connection necessary for a lifetime of healing, even though the idea of opening up may be what is most feared:

  1. We learn to trust. Though we have been hurt by others in our past, groups provide a safe context in which we can learn to trust again. This transformative experience cannot occur in isolation, so groups are essential.
  2. Our shame and secrecy diminish. Nothing fuels addiction like secrecy and shame. Groups provide a safe and confidential setting where we can share our shame-saturated secrets. While we once lived shackled by secrets, we experience how living in the truth sets us free.
  3. We find strength in numbers. When we join a group, we suddenly have a team working for the good of each player. We are stronger together. Groups provide both a cheering section and a lifeline. In times of temptation, there is power in reaching out to fellow group members. 


Couples Recovery from Sexual Addiction and Co-addiction

The most common problems identified by couples were:

  • rebuilding trust
  • learning emotional intimacy in addition to sexual intimacy
  • establishing boundaries
  • developing a healthy sexual relationship
  • conflict resolution
  • and forgiving

The factors which appeared most helpful to couples in rebuilding and improving their relationship were:

  • individual involvement in 12-step meetings and therapy
  • joint counseling and attendance at couples’ mutual help and/or therapy groups 
  • Coaddicts typically required over a year to forgive and become willing to trust the addict again. New sexual problems were common in the early recovery period, and tended to gradually improve
  • Despite enormous past hurts and significant relational, financial, legal, and health problems faced by many of the couples, most were actively working on their marriages and were committed to a future together

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