Sex Addict Profile

It was determined that sex addicts tend to come from families where addiction is common. 

For example, mothers (25%), fathers (38%), and siblings (46%) had significant alcohol problems. Mothers (18%), fathers (38%), and siblings (50%) had similar problems with sexual acting out.

Only 13 percent of sex addicts reported a family of origin with no addictions. Consequently, we know that growing up in a family with existing addictions is a factor.

77% of sex addicts in the study experienced their families as rigid, dogmatic, and inflexible.

They also found their families to be disengaged (87%), i.e. detached, uninvolved, and emotionally absent.

Thus, they came from environments in which failure to bond was the norm.

Another major area of impact was the role of child abuse. Addicts reported physical abuse (72%), sexual abuse (81%), and emotional abuse (97%).

 Furthermore, the more sexually and physically abused the respondents were as children, the more addictions they had as adults.

Emotional abuse was a significant factor in addicts who abused children themselves.

 relationship dynamics.