Therapy for Partners of Sex Addicts

Virtual therapy for partners of sex addicts in Houston and throughout the state of Texas.

You’re not alone. Receive support in navigating life with a partner addicted to sex. 

We recognize the profound difficulties, individually and relationally, that come with having a partner who has a sex addiction. Our approach is rooted in understanding and empathy, providing a comprehensive framework for healing and rebuilding trust.

Our approach goes beyond mere conversation; we provide practical tools and strategies to help partners cope with the impact of sex addiction on their relationships and personal well-being. Through structured therapy sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to unravel the complexities of betrayal, rebuild trust, and cultivate resilience. Whether you’re navigating feelings of betrayal, confusion, or uncertainty, our compassionate therapists are here to support you every step of the way, guiding you toward a path of healing and empowerment.


Together, we’ll navigate the path toward renewal and emotional well-being.

Therapy can be of great benefit to partners who can identify with the following:

You're experiencing feelings of betrayal, confusion, or emotional distress due to your partner's sex addiction.

You're struggling to navigate trust issues and rebuild intimacy in their relationship following your partner's sex addiction.

You seek guidance on how to set healthy boundaries and communicate effectively with your partner about their addiction.

You're experiencing a loss of self-esteem or self-worth as a result of your partner's sex addiction.

You're feeling isolated or alone in coping with the challenges of your partner's sex addiction and seeking a supportive community.

You're looking to explore your emotions and experiences in a safe and non-judgmental space with a therapist who understands the complexities of sex addiction in relationships.

You want to develop coping strategies and resilience to navigate the ups and downs of supporting a partner through sex addiction recovery.

You are not alone in this journey, and seeking support can help you navigate the challenges of being a partner to someone struggling with sex addiction

What is a sex addiction and how can we help?

Sex addiction, akin to process addictions like gambling and internet use, encompasses various behaviors such as chronic infidelity, compulsive masturbation, and pornography addiction, among others. Each of these behaviors represents a facet of the complex and multifaceted nature of sex addiction, driven by emotional or psychological needs rather than physical dependence.

At our therapy practice, we provide a structured, programmatic approach to supporting partners affected by sex addiction. Our focus is on developing a well-defined treatment plan with tangible goals and milestones, guiding partners through the journey of understanding, coping, and healing together. We don’t just discuss recovery; we collaborate with partners to navigate the path towards sobriety, offering support every step of the way.

We want partners of sex addiction to feel supported throughout the journey to sobriety. 

Getting Started is Simple: 

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Who is Alex Lederman?

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in Houston
Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) Practitioner

Specializes in recovery from sex addiction, porn addiction, trauma and PTSD, Obsessive-compulsive and intimacy disorders.

Works with heterosexual and LGBTQ individuals.

Work with people who practice some form of fetish disorder.

Family of origin where addictions begin

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy do where you change the way you think in order to change the way you behave.

Alex Lederman

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