Betrayal Therapy

Virtual betrayal therapy in Houston and throughout the state of Texas.

Betrayal doesn’t define you. Let’s navigate the path to healing and trust together.

We understand the deep-seated impact betrayal can have on individuals and their relationships. Our approach is comprehensive and results-driven, providing more than just a platform for discussion; we offer a structured roadmap toward healing and rebuilding trust.

With expertise in betrayal therapy, we address the complexities of betrayal trauma. Clients embark on a journey that not only encourages sharing experiences but also focuses on achieving tangible goals through a structured treatment plan. From unraveling the roots of betrayal to fostering coping mechanisms and nurturing healthy connections, our sessions are geared toward facilitating profound and enduring healing.


Together, we’ll navigate the path toward renewal and emotional well-being.

Betrayal therapy can be of great benefit to those who can identify with the following:

You have experienced betrayal trauma due to infidelity in their romantic relationships.

You struggle with trust issues and find it challenging to form or maintain intimate connections following a betrayal.

You feel overwhelmed by feelings of anger, sadness, or confusion resulting from betrayal.

You are navigating the aftermath of betrayal in various contexts, such as friendships, family relationships, or professional settings.

You want to explore and process your emotions in a supportive and understanding environment.

You seek guidance on how to rebuild your sense of self-worth and confidence after experiencing betrayal.

Despite the pain of betrayal, remember that this is just the beginning of your journey towards healing and rebuilding trust in yourself and others.

What is a betrayal and how can we help?

Betrayal encompasses a range of experiences that can deeply affect individuals, from infidelity in relationships to breaches of trust in various contexts. Our understanding of betrayal is rooted in its complex nature, which mirrors that of other process addictions such as gambling, internet use, and binge eating. These behaviors, including chronic dishonesty, emotional manipulation, and breaches of loyalty, represent facets of betrayal, highlighting its multifaceted impact on emotional well-being and interpersonal relationships.

At our clinic, we offer a structured, goal-oriented approach to navigating the complexities of betrayal. Through tailored therapy sessions and collaborative treatment plans, we guide individuals towards healing and rebuilding trust.

We work together with clients to develop tangible goals and milestones, mapping out a path toward renewed emotional well-being and healthy relationships. 

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Who is Alex Lederman?

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in Houston
Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor (LPC-S)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) Practitioner

Specializes in recovery from sex addiction, porn addiction, trauma and PTSD, Obsessive-compulsive and intimacy disorders.

Works with heterosexual and LGBTQ individuals.

Work with people who practice some form of fetish disorder.

Family of origin where addictions begin

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy do where you change the way you think in order to change the way you behave.

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